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04:33 PM - 18 Jan 16
In Year 2030: 4 pronged war in Pakistan to decide who will take access of the country
After sending all the small and mid sized terror organizations democratically by sending people to place from where they can't come, Teherik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Afghanistan Taliban (Taliban), Jaish-e-Mahmood (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) are on the verge to take access of great country called Pakistan. Our correspondent from Quetta confirmed the development and told India...
08:05 AM - 26 Jan 13
India to declare secret of its cold blood on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day
In a grand ceremony of Republic day today, Indian Government is planning to reveal the secret of its cold blood and genes of unresponsiveness.Read more »
09:26 AM - 25 Jan 13
Parineeti Chopra sues Maaza producers and Imran Khan for cheating, sparks controversy
Leading Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra issued a legal notice to Maaza producers, Coca Cola International and Imran Khan, her co-actor in one advertisement for cheating her. Read more »
09:08 AM - 23 Jan 13
India awaits Pakistan's nod over disclosing all the evidences against RSS and BJP
Indian Government said it is awaiting Pakistan's permission over disclosing all the evidences that prove RSS and BJP are terror organisations. Read more »
02:49 PM - 22 Jan 13
US announced $5mn bounty on Nitin Gadkari and Mohan Bhagwat
Reacting to India's Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's 'comments' that BJP and RSS are terror organisations and planted hindu terrorists all over India, US announced BJP President Nitin Gadkari and RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat as biggest terrorists and announced a bounty of $5mn each whoever discloses their locations. This development was response to 'fair show' by...
05:22 AM - 22 Jan 13
Rahul Gandhi started working day and night
Following the footsteps of his great grandfather, newly elected vice president of Congress Party Rahul Gandhi started working day and night for unknown reason, according to sources.Read more »
06:14 AM - 20 Jan 13
Salman Khurshid beheaded himself just to start peace process with Pakistan again
To reach to an ultimate zone of peace process and de-escalate the tensions between two countries, India's foreign minister cut his own head and presented it to Pakistan's external minister Hina Rabbani Khar to take home and use it as football. This way India showed its eagerness to start peace process with Pakistan again.Read more »
04:40 AM - 19 Jan 13
Unanswered questions on India’s Food Security Bill
BullshitThe standing committee on food, consumer affairs and public distribution on Thursday signed off on the Food Security Bill that nearly matches recommendations made by the Sonia Gandhi-headed National Advisory Council (NAC), in a move that would boost the prospects of the ruling Congress party at the next election.Read more »
07:43 AM - 17 Jan 13
Minimum 5 Bollywood producers read news titled Mahesh Babu isn't eager to work in Hindi Cinemas - Source
A source, closely link to topmost producers of Bollywood cinemas said that at least 5 hindi film producers and directors read the news that Telugu superstar doesn't want to work in Bollywood movies. Source said that all of them were keen to launch Mahesh Babu in their movies.Read more »
04:18 PM - 14 Jan 13
Kamal Haasan will show his blockbuster Abhay along with Vishwaroopam to apologise for delayed DTH launch
After a delay in the release of Vishwaroopam for paid Direct to Home (DTH) audience, apologetic film-maker and actor Kamal Haasan announced that he will show his erstwhile blockbuster 'Abhay' along with the new movie on February 2.Read more »
02:25 PM - 14 Jan 13
Huge turnout at Asaram Bapu's ashram to learn rapist bhagao mantra
Asaram Bapu's ashram in Ahmedabad has seen a huge turnout of people including girls, women, their family and all people with the psychic of rapists to take his darshan and learn the security techniques and different mantras.Read more »
10:28 AM - 14 Jan 13
India started living with rape incidences as routine exercise - Survey
SurveyAccording to a survey conducted by private surveyor, Indians learnt to live with gang rape incidences and insecure life of women. Many of Indians are started thinking over suggestions of Mohan Bhagwat, Asaram Bapu and other political leaders to help secure their women.Read more »
02:43 PM - 11 Jan 13
India changed draft rules of 'Aman Ki Asha' the peace process, sets new regulations to protest Pakistan's mutilation of Indian soldiers
After mutilation of 2 soldiers at Line of Control, reacting to the popular consensus Indian Government decided to crack down the initial idea of Aman Ki Asha and announced new regulations on Pakistan showing its protest. External affairs minister of India, Salman Khurshid sent this six point agenda which includes black protest letter to Pakistan's exterior minister Hina Rabbani...
01:37 PM - 11 Jan 13
Mahatma Gandhi talks on Asaram Bapu
Special Guest ColumnI believe in peace and I was having a long peaceful rest after 1948 when India Satire called me asking my opinion on Asaram Bapu and rest other leaders which are proposing few peaceful ideas tackling the rapes in India.Read more »
02:29 PM - 08 Jan 13
Asaram Bapu found asking his disciple when Poonam Pandey's movie Nasha is releasing
Controversial Baba and spiritual guru, Asaram Bapu raised another controversy after asking his disciple the date on which Poonam Pandey's debut movie 'Nasha' is releasing.Read more »
12:50 PM - 08 Jan 13
Breaking: Poonam Pandey quit her first movie Nasha due to lack of exposure
If bollywood sources are to be believed, leading model turn actress, Poonam Pandey quit her first movie 'Nasha'. According to sources, controversial actress Poonam Pandey left the movie as the film had nothing hot to offer to her audience.Read more »
12:22 PM - 08 Jan 13
Breaking: Indian doctors warn manifold rise in mental cases in 2013
SurveyThe Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) warned Indian government that there is a chance that an exponential rise in mental cases undetected in 2013.Read more »
12:58 PM - 07 Jan 13
Sir Isaac Newton talks on Dawood Ibrahim
Special Guest ColumnIt is very difficult to describe Dawood Ibrahim. I have never seen the complicated creature like he in this world. He is the only living creature that is to an exception to my all theories of gravitational power.Read more »
11:25 AM - 07 Jan 13
Javed Miandad to break relations with Dawood just to enter in India
Pakistan's cricketer and former captain Javed Miandad will break all his relations with Mumbai bomb blast accused Dawood Ibrahim to help successfully conduct India-Pakistan 'Aman ki Asha' campaign.Read more »
02:19 PM - 06 Jan 13
Congress leader Digvijay Singh rewarded a big ass hole to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat
Veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh gifted a big ass hole to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat which he was holding for last one decade.Read more »
02:23 PM - 05 Jan 13
A man is searching for Mahatma Gandhi's quotes on killing mosquito
Mahatma Gandhi's ardent follower Rajat Sharma found searching on the internet Gandhiji's quotes on killing mosquitoes is non violent act."I am searching on the internet whether Gandhiji wrote or said something on mosquitoes. I am his ardent follower and can't slap a mosquito without his permission," said Rajat Sharma who is working for a reputed TV Channel.Rajat...
08:52 AM - 04 Jan 13
Government produced total death number from illegal clinical trials, says it is lesser than that of NDA time
Reacting to the Supreme Court's slap on Thursday on failure to stop illegal clinical trials of untested drugs by multinational companies, UPA Government said that the apex court has to see the government in Read more »
05:12 PM - 02 Jan 13
Shashi Tharoor reveals name of all 23 wives and demands divorce law should be named after him
Read more »
04:32 PM - 01 Jan 13
New Book Download on Gang Rape Victim
Read more »
11:19 AM - 01 Jan 13
Government confirmed that offering Rs 15 lakh to rape victim's family means shutting their and protesters mouths
Unconfirmed sources from the government confirmed that the government offered Rs 15 lakh to rape victim's family is just an exercise to shut its mouths along with protesters rather than giving a relief.Read more »