'Kareena and Saif breakup!!', 'Salman slapsKatrina!!', in this age ...More
'Kareena and Saif breakup!!', 'Salman slapsKatrina!!', in this ageof breaking news everywebsite is in a hurry tosay 'we did it first!'.However, at Biscoot webelieve not only in delivering credible news,but also having access toinsiders in the industry who verify and authenticevery little informationwe put out. Everyoneloves their daily dose ofgossip and scoops, but atBiscoot we believe ingiving you a 360 degreeview on every developmentand trend. So if KaranJohar stops work Less

Watch the controversy between Ajay Devgn KRK Karan Johar : Biscoot.Com

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