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Elephant Rampage In Kerala : Videos

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 Posted on: 03:23 PM -   |  Views: 36813
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7 years ago
jayaram putisari
I am sorry that nobody is trying to rescue the mahout. I always see some stray individuals loitering around the elephant without any purpose when they are in agitation. Probably they are trying to distract it away from certain vulnerable area, but it never really appeared to be so. I think wherever they are employed say, for temple procession etc. a veterinary personnel with necessary first-aid kit should be made available so that in case of emergency the public as well as the animal can be saved from injury and other consequences!
7 years ago
saroj deb
Confining an animal under religious garb is a seen. When animal show is banned in circus why its allowed in temple? Typical Indian hypocrisy.
7 years ago
Principal KLE
rani yohan Iam glad to feel and express gratitude and respect admire the courage of people who was on the elephant who didnt loose the mental control and balance in the difficult situation like this .Hats off them

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